In 2022, the world experienced a talent shortage across several industries, with 75% of companies struggling to find the right talent. By 2030, Korn Ferry estimates that the global talent shortage could reach 85.2 million people.

Amid this talent and skills shortage crisis, Mineral Resources (MinRes), a leading mining services company, sets new benchmarks for attracting and maintaining top talent by prioritising workplace wellness for FIFO workers.

Innovative Approach On FIFO Worker Accommodations

To house employees working on the Onslow Iron project in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, MinRes has ordered two villages, Ken’s Bore and Onslow Resort, consisting of 750 rooms. This means FIFO workers are set to enjoy luxury resort-style accommodation equipped with Olympic-sized swimming pools, restaurant, tavern, cinema and golf simulators.

The accommodation is designed to promote work-life balance for FIFO workers, with living “pods” featuring shared gathering spaces, barbecue areas, and quiet reflection spots. Each room is triple the size of standard FIFO worker accommodations at 45 square metres.

Changing The FIFO Culture

Bronwyn Grieve, MinRes’ Chief People and Shared Services Officer, emphasises the company’s focus on workplace wellness, stating that “the accommodation and amenities at Onslow Iron will set a new standard, helping to change the FIFO culture and contribute to the project’s success.”

By investing in workplace wellness, MinRes is taking an innovative approach to tackle the global talent shortage and attract top talent for FIFO jobs.

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